Video Shows UK Authorities Busting Nigerian Student’s Home, Discovers $8.5 Million Cash in a Box

Authorities in the United Kingdom have busted a Nigerian student’s apartment, where $8.5 million cash was found, the money which came in different dollar bills, was kept in a box and locked up when the authorities raided the place.

A viral video has shown the moment a Nigerian student in the United Kingdom was caught with about $8.5 million hidden in a box in his apartment.

The video, a part of a documentary on organised crime in the United Kingdom, shows the court bailiffs, ostensibly acting on a tip-off and raiding the home of the Nigerian student and discovering the stash.

The authorities had entered the apartment where the student and probably other Nigerians lived with a search warrant only to find the dollar bills hidden in a sealed box.

As the bailiffs rummaged through the apartment, they found the suspicious box, which looked more like a cupboard and a bookshelf at the same time.

Using tools they came with, the bailiffs opened the box and to their chagrin, wads of dollar bills spilt onto the floor. According to the documentary, the dollar bills could be proceeds of a crime, money laundering or belonging to a Nigerian drug cartel in the United Kingdom.

As the bailiffs waited for the police to arrive, a young entered the apartment and identified himself as a student, upon which he was told that the U.K. authorities had possessed the apartment and that he could not touch anything despite pleading to be allowed to take his books.

The video shows the student making a phone call in Yoruba. “Mo tie mo, mo ti wole (I don’t know, but I’ve entered), he said in the Yoruba language.

It is unclear if the money belongs to the student whose face was blurred or if he was part of the alleged syndicate.

Many Nigerians speculated that he might be the son of a prominent Nigerian politician whose parents might have used to launder the money abroad.

Incidents of money laundering and fraud involving Nigerian students abroad have become rampant.

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@Jason Toyne:If anyone watched this episode it’s prop cash it’s not real and no one was arrested 😂

@Cjrb520:Don’t touch anything guys…..proceeds to start thumbing through a stack of notes

@Burger King:if they just paid their TV licence would never have been found 💀

@︎︎:The bailiff thinks he’s so much more powerful than he is, he has absolutely no right to seize that man’s phone like that

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