“Never leave your bundle of joy unattended”, check out what this child was caught doing.

Children are some of the most important people in any parent’s life, and one thing that a parent is almost always responsible for is keeping an eye on their child 24/7 to make sure the child does not do anything dangerous that could potentially harm them. Children are very curious although that is good for a growing child, sometimes their curiosity can get them hurt pretty badly or even lead to their sudden demise.

There’s a video that made its way from Tik Tok to Twitter that has had a lot of people laughing their lungs out. The video shows a toddler covering her face with brown shoe polish. In the video, the person who found could be heard laughing in the background, and the toddler also laughed.





It seems that the little toddler stole a lot of people’s hearts, as in the comments of the video, people could not help but say mention that she is very cute, some were even saying that they would like to have kids as well.




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