I am Fine And Well, Those Saying I am Mentally Unstable Need Deliverance From The Lord- Hank Anuku


Few days ago, a video of legendary Nigerian actor, Hank Anuku looking unkempt went viral online and it quickly sparked mixed reactions from movie lovers. A lot of people started asking for his colleagues to check up on him and take him to a rehabilitation center. Actress, Iheme Nancy also came online to say that Hank Anuku is mentally unstable and he really needs help. This really intensified the issue and people were sharing their opinions on the matter.


However, Lindaikejisblog has now shared a fresh video of Hank Anuku debunking the rumour that he is mentally unstable. He stated that he was on set that day and it was people who didn’t like him that made that video of him to tarnish his image and say negative things about him. He said, “I am fine and well, those saying I am mentally unstable need deliverance from the lord”.

After the video was shared, a lot of people expressed their relief that the actor was actually ok and not mentally unstable.

Watch video here.

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