3 Ways To Seduce Women

Three quick ways to create sexual attraction to seduce women who like you. The key to successfully using and employing these three techniques, is that you must do what you feel most comfortable with. In my book I teach the way I learned. When I was first learning the basic skills of how to pick up and seduce women, I was incredibly nervous and insecure. Therefore, I used a lot of low risk strategies to gauge a woman’s level of romantic interest in me.

As I became more successful and my confidence grew, I became bolder and more direct in my approach. By the end of my book, I had grown to a place where attraction happened naturally between me and a woman. Within seconds of meeting for the very first time, a definite date was set. From that first date forward, we were always together after that. It was simply effortless. We both liked each other, understood each other and knew how to meet each other’s needs through effective adult communication.

My relationships became effortless. I know not every guy is going to be as emotionally messed up as I was. Therefore, men can use whatever seduction techniques I teach that they feel most comfortable with.

1) The Low Rejection Risk Way: By asking a few direct questions, you can gauge a woman’s level of interest in you without her having any idea that you are doing it. It’s like stealth seduction. If you need some good pickup lines, read my article the best pickup lines ever! So after your opener, or opening line, the first question you should ask is: “what’s your name?” Without volunteering yours. She’ll say, “Jennifer, Jessica, Justine, etc.” and then you say, “nice to meet you Jennifer.” If she has interest in you, she will ask you what your name is when you don’t volunteer yours. Ask her simple questions about where she grew up, what she does for a living, what she likes to do for fun, the craziest thing she ever did, etc. The person asking the questions is the one in control of the conversation. Make sure she does 70 to 80% of the talking. This way you will remain mysterious and interesting. Therefore, she has to work to get to know you. Your questions about her communicate your interest in who she is as a woman. As you are talking, look for indicators of interest: flipping her hair, playing with her hair, running her fingers through her hair, touching your arm, standing too close to you, bumping into you, laughing at your stupid jokes, asking if you have a girlfriend, asking you personal questions about yourself, etc. If you like her enough and she is giving you several indicators of interest, then pull out your phone and ask her what her phone number is. If she likes you she will give it to you without hesitation. However, if her interest is low, she will make it harder for you to get her number. She may ask for your number instead, ask for your business card, etc.

2) Get Women To Approach You First Way: In my article how to get women to approach you first, I reveal the details of the proper body language, things to do, things to say and the mindset to cause all beautiful women to walk up to you and your friends and start flirting with you. I’m lazy. I think I’m the best. I don’t think I have any competition. I know I am a catch. Women know that I am a catch. Men and women both know when they are in the presence of an alpha male. Women know just how rare alpha males are, and therefore, pounce on one when they find one. By using this technique that causes women to approach you and your friends at parties, the mall, bars and nightclubs, grocery stores, work, public places, etc., all you have to do is be direct and ask for their phone number when you are talking to one you like. They did approach you after all. If they approached you it means they like you and they are giving you an opportunity to seduce them, or simply say “yes” to their advances. If you really want women to chase you and pursue you for a date, then simply offer your phone number in this way: “hey, it was nice chatting with you, shoot me a text if you get into something really cool and fun later.” It’s a casual way that you would tell a good friend to get in touch with you to hang out later. You’re not telling her to call you for a date. You’re simply inviting her to reach out to you later and continue your interesting conversation. When she does call or text you, chat for a few minutes and then set a definite date to meet somewhere. When she initiates contact, she is doing it in hopes that you bring up getting together and doing something.

3) The Direct Way: This way is for only the most confident guys who feel the most comfortable in their own skin. Only use this way if you have read my book 10 to 15 times, and are really good at interacting with and seducing women using way number two and number three above. When a connection happens between you and a woman by just looking into her eyes, simply say: “I want you! You’re amazing!” Then invite her to meet for a drink later, or if it is later, say at a party, bar, or some other public place, simply say to her: “let’s go sit down over here where we can chat and have a drink.” This is my preferred method. I don’t need to date 100 women to find my next great love at this point in my life. I know what I’m looking for, and from experience, what I’m looking for is also looking for me. So I know it’s simply a matter of time, before she shows up. It’s a feeling in my gut that says, “this is the one I’ve been waiting for!” However, don’t fall into the myth of “the one”. You must understand that I got to this place by spending several years perfecting my pickup, seduction, dating and relationship skills by dating and sleeping with lots of different women. I’ve “sowed my oats” and I know what I like. So if you’ve only slept with a few women, you’ve got a lot of practicing to do before you become fearless. Until you have enough experience with enough different women, you simply don’t know what you don’t know.

Whether you are on a first date, or you plan on seducing women who like you the night you meet, it’s always best if you go to three or four different places before going home. Why? Because most women sleep with men on the third or fourth date. By taking them to three or four different places in one night, it’s the psychological equivalent of having three or four different dates. The last place you should go, is your place or her place to seal the deal. Women like sex just as much as men do. The problem is, most men talk women right out of sleeping with them.

You want to be a charming James Bond 90% of the time. 10% of the time, you’re the bad boy who flushed an M-80 down the toilet at school. When a woman starts to get serious or brings up serious subjects, that is when you should say something silly and outrageous, but in such a way (deadpan) as to make her unsure if you are joking or serious. Example: She asks you what you do for living? Your response? “I’m an escape artist.” Her: “Really, you mean like David Copperfield or Chris Angel?” You: “No, like Alcatraz, Actually I just escaped from prison before I came here.” Her: “Seriously?” You: “Come on. I’m fucking with you.”


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