“Gangsta baby” Little boy sees doctor approaching him at hospital, frowns face in video

A cute little boy has stirred hilarious comments on TikTok with his recent behaviour at a hospital.

He was taken for a check-up and on sighting the doctor, he stared at her with a serious look on his face.

His mum @thelaquindalashay found the moment hilarious as she filmed her son and shared the funny video on TikTok.

The trending clip had the caption:

“Took my son to the doctors for a checkup and he was not feeling it.”

Social media reactions

@ninamurrayford: said:

“He was good cause my son would have cried time she came in the room.”

@deedeeroc wrote:

“His face is saying. Hmmmm excuse me miss, what are you doing? So so soooo cute.”

@persona.minx commented:

“Baby’s face says: Who the heck are youuuuuu? Who the heck are youuuuuu? Who you is? Who you be?”

@whereverhetfieldmayroam commented:

“His face is like What do you want from me huh? I don’t like what you’re doing.”

@user1929387747485939499 added:

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“Hahahaha! No shame wearing his emotions. He is so cute, oh my god.”

@paddlehappy added:

“Was she checking for maximum cuteness? cause my dude definitely has it.”

Watch the video below:


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