“Consider a mosquitoes’ family before killing it, they don’t just bite for the fun of it” – Twitter Doctor, Penking.

Controversial twitter doctor, Dr. Peking has stirred reactions from netizens after explaining why mosquitoes attack humans.

According to the doctor, the insects only attack when they are pregnant and need blood to make their eggs grow, killing them meant ending an entire bloodline.

His post reads ;

“Mosquitoes do not bite you just for fun. They bite because they need your blood for their eggs to mature. When you kill mosquitoe on your skin, you are killing a pregnant mosquitoe and destroying her entire lineage but you don’t care about this. You only care about yourself”

Netizens however did not subscribe to this belief and dropped their opinions. Read some here;

Hoyeenkansola wrote, “I don’t care oo, emi kala…shebi u know how much dem dey sell just that drop of blood,its my gold abeg ,make the pregnant mosquito go meet her baby daddy, no be me gii am belle biko ”

Another user wrote, “Lobatan!!!! So my own generation and lineage should now be spending our whole savings on malaria treatments. Hmm”

Kingsley wrote, “Hmm…
Why do I see this as a market strategy?

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