What I Told Kidnappers That Made Them To Release Me And Give Me N50k – Kidnap Victim


A man named Innocent Kwantagora who decided to trek from Osogbo, Osun State to Lagos has narrated his ordeal in the hands of kidnappers who captured him halfway through his journey and later gave him fifty thousand naira before releasing him.

In an interview with Legit TV, Kwantagora stated that his journey from Osun to Lagos was to raise awareness of mental health. He said when he got to Ibadan, Oyo State he was kidnapped by some men who took him to an unknown location. He said the kidnappers told him to call a relative or family member to pay ransom for his release but he told them that he had no one he could call and they gave him a serious beating.

He said on the third day in captivity, he told one of the kidnappers of his campaign to raise awareness about mental health illness and how he has been spending his money to get help for people who are helpless. He said he also told the kidnapper that after he completes his campaign on mental health issues, he would start a campaign for serious and well-structured enablement for youths. He said it was at this point that the kidnappers decided to set him free.

According to Kwantagora, after the kidnappers made up their minds to release him, he told them that he didn’t have any money on him and they gave him fifty thousand naira before they set him free.

In a video shared by Legit TV, Kwantagora said “On the third day I called the first guy who interrogated me and I explained myself to him. I told him that I feel for their plight and in fact, that is going to be my second campaign. After this, I actually want to embark on a campaign for serious and well-structured enablement for youths. Those who are out of school and those who are graduates should be able to have a support system. Those who have ideas to do business should have a system they can actually take up loans from banks (sic) as you have in other advanced countries. I told him that is what I will do after my campaign on mental health.

“At that point, he just told the rest of the men that they should free me. And I actually jokingly said you are freeing me now, I don’t have any money and I need to get something for myself. They blindfolded me, put fifty thousand naira in my pocket, and dropped me off at night”.

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