Kids rush to welcome teacher who was absent for just one day

Some school children have gone viral on TikTok because of the way they welcomed their teacher back to work.

In a short video posted on TikTok on Friday, November 11, the teacher identified as Eyomusasaid she was absent from work for just a day.

When she returned, her children surged forward towards her car and almost pushed her down as they struggled to hug her.

The love for Eyomus is real

There was so much love in the air and the lady was overwhelmed by the number of kids who came to welcome her back to work.

The love the children have for Eyomusa has melted several hearts on TikTok as people see that as an evidence that she is good to them.

At the moment, the video has gained more than 24k likes, 240 comments and 113 shares on TikTok alone.

Watch the video below:

Reactions from TikTok users

@katlegomthimde reacted:

“We need such teachers. So much happiness.”

@milotinkomati said:

“The care you gave them, it explains themselves.”

@Sandi Mbazini commented:

“This is the teacher we need.”

@user1778828024615 reacted:

“Your work is out shown by these beautiful souls.”

@Ponny said:

“Such a happy soul. Thank you.”

@NtwanaYaseZulwini21st said:

“Keep doing the good job, in our days teachers were feared.”

@mapaballo reacted:

“Why am I soo touched and crying?” Your love for them and their love for you is amazing. YOU TOUCHED MY Heart.”

@nomzamongcobo3 said:

“This is how I know that my kid has another mom at school and why she hates being home.”

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