I Have Been Having Problems With My Eyes And Teeth Since 1978, But I Am Still Very Healthy -Buhari

As we all know, the President of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari is someone who doesn’t joke with his health. Countless times, we’ve read about the first citizen of this country travel to London for his “routine medical check-up. Someone could easily conclude that Buhari is a kind of person who believes that health is wealth.

While some bad people in Nigeria might have thinking that the president has a life-threatening health issue and that’s why he regularly goes for check-ups, the president of Nigeria, Muhammadu Buhari has revealed why he has been going to the UK for his routine medical check-up.

President Muhammadu Buhari disclosed that he has no major health challenge apart from his eyes and teeth, in which he has been checking since 1978.

Muhammadu Buhari made this known while speaking in London, United Kingdom (UK), with Nigerian Television Authority (NTA).

While further speaking, Buhari noted that his eyes and teeth are not giving him any major issues as he can still use both organs effectively.

Additionally, speaking on his latest check-up in London, Buhari noted that everything went fine and he’ll be returning back to Nigeria very soon.

He said, “My check-up went very well this time around again. I have been having problems with my eyes and teeth since 1978, but I am still very healthy. So, this is my only attachment here.”

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