Shakira, Pique and the Christmas ‘gift’ that will boost their riches

Shakira, Pique and the Christmas 'gift' that will boost their riches

Shakira and Gerard Pique are moving forward and making more agreements, after this week they reached the most important of those – around where children Milan and Sasha would live.

After the kids’ living situation was agreed upon, it was time to find some more common ground.

Now, it is the family home that is up for discussion. They had lived together in a spectacular mansion in Esplugues de Llobregat, a small town very close to Barcelona.

The house will be put on sale after Christmas. Specifically, it will go on sale on a luxury real estate website from January 2023, according to Semana.

Therefore, Shakira and Pique will receive a gift in the form of money, since the earnings will be shared equally.

In this way, financial matters have not been a problem in the negotiations that their lawyers have faced. It should be remembered that the disagreement over the children was very long and dragged out over months.

Pique and Shakira’s 380-square-meter mansion

This spectacular mansion has been home to Shakira, Pique and their children since 2012. In recent weeks, since it was confirmed that Pique and Shakira were separating, the Colombian artist was spending some time in it with her children, while Pique was in another of his properties.

Shakira and Pique put the house on sale jointly and will share the money, while they will not do the same with each of the other properties that belong to them.


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