First look inside horrifying £200-a-night World Cup fan villages in middle of desert

We’ve got our first look inside the spot where plenty of fans journeying to Qatar for the 2022 World Cup will be staying and unfortunately, they look an awful lot like rows of shipping containers.

It’s all gone a bit Fyre Festival really as Qatar have set out a number of ‘fan villages’ in the desert designed to accommodate all the footballfans who will be flocking there in less than two weeks.

Qatar is not a big country, and we’re starting to see what Sepp Blatter meant when he admitted letting them have the 2022 World Cup was a ‘mistake’.

The nation has already had to draft in multiple cruise ships to use as floating hotels so people can actually have a place to stay, since there’s nowhere near enough hotel space in the country to put up with the incoming influx of footballfans.

Now we’ve got to have an early look at one of their fan villages which manages to be both eye wateringly expensive and not much to look at.

What they call the ‘Fan Village Cabins Free Zone’ isn’t very free at all, costing you 740 Qatari Rial per night, or nearly £200.

For that bargain price you also get a whopping two bottles of water a day, which considering you’ll be living in the desert doesn’t sound like very much.

Since you probably don’t want to stay just one night in Qatar for the World Cup, your actual bill to stay at this spruced up container storage facility will be much higher, especially if your country has a good tournament.

For your money you get a small box which looks decently shiny on the outside as it gets bathed in the baking desert sun, while being undeniably grim-looking on the inside.

Student halls undoubtedly come to mind when seeing the stiff and bland bed set ups.

Imagine living in one of those for the World Cup, sweating to death inside a metal box while forking over almost £200 a night for the privilege.

Mercifully, it is within walking distance of a metro station so you can get out of there as soon as your nation has crashed out of the World Cup.

If you don’t want to spend your downtime shut up in your little metal box there is a big outdoor cinema screen where you can sit on a beanbag and watch other countries play football.

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