Shakira would go with her children to Miami: she reached an agreement with Piqué to keep the custody of the little ones

After an extensive meeting of more than 12 hours, both parties agreed to let the singer from Barranquilla keep custody of Sasha and Milan. Clara Chía would have played an important role in the agreement


Shakira and her children will live in a luxurious mansion that the Colombian bought in Miami

In the last few hours, a new episode was closed in the controversial separation of Shakira and Gerard Piqué, which was confirmed by celebrities at the beginning of June. Amid everything that has surrounded the end of this relationship of more than 12 years, the most important thing for both is the future of their two children Sasha and Milan. Precisely, the custody of the two minors is what has taken the longest in the legal process between the Colombian and the Spanish.

It should be remembered that, since the separation process between the two celebrities began, the biggest difference between the ex-partner has been who gets custody of the two children. While Shakira wanted to take her children to Miami, where she would start a new life away from Spain, the soccer player did not accept that the Barranquilla woman took her children away from her native country.

However, in the most recent meeting between the parties Shakira managed to keep custody of the children and take them to Miami, after Piqué gave his arm to twist. According to international media, at the most recent meeting of the parties in the mansion where the Piqué Mebarak family lived, which lasted up to 12 hours, the singer and the athlete finally agreed on what will happen to minors in the next year.

Shakira and Gerard Piqué reached an agreement after a meeting of more than 12 hours

Five months after announcing their separation to the world and after the multiple meetings in which Shakira< /b> asked for custody of the minors to go live in Miami, arguing that she had no reason to stay in Barcelona if she was no longer with Piqué, the athlete gave in to the request of the mother of his children.

The information was released by the media outlet Vanitatis, where it was confirmed that the meeting ended at 12:30 this Tuesday morning and in which the great conclusion was: Milan and Sasha will go to Miami with their mother. They pointed out that the move of the Colombian and her children will take place after the Christmas holidays, but before 2023 they will already be in her new house in the United States.

The reason why the former culé defender would have relinquished his position is due to his recent retirement from FC Barcelona, since with his departure from Spanish football, for Piqué it would be much easier to travel regularly to Miami to reunite with his two children. In fact, this is supported by one of the proposals that Shakira had previously made to the athlete to pay the expenses of his trips to the United States to see minors.

Shakira requested from the beginning the custody of the minors to live in Miami

According to the entertainment medium, the money needed for Gerard Piqué can travel whenever he wants to see his children They will be deposited in a common account, that is, the Colombian will also have to contribute financially. In dialogue with Europa Press, after the meeting ended, the lawyers of both parties expressed “We have finished, we have signed and by mutual agreement. An agreement has been reached”.

In addition, it was learned that after his departure from professional football, Piqué is interested in focusing all his time on his endeavors. In fact, they pointed out that this Thursday the athlete will meet with important businessmen in Barcelona to present his business idea.

The meeting between the ex-partner, in the facilities of the Esplugues de Llobregat mansion, was accompanied by the press that was waiting for news from 1:00 p.m. m. -time at which the lawyers of both parties arrived-. Initially, the journalists warned that the meeting was taking place between Shakira, her lawyer and Piqué’s lawyer , but that the athlete had not been seen entering the house; hours later it was confirmed that the athlete entered through a back door avoiding being seen by the media.

Gerard Piqué agreed to allow Shakira to take her children to Miami. REUTERS/Albert Gea/File Photo

Piqué , knowing that it was being reported that he had not attended the meeting, asked that the media be informed that yes he was meeting with the Colombian . According to the circle closest to the athlete, Gerad has stated on several occasions that he has lost a media war against the Colombian, but for his part what he wants most is not to appear as the ‘bad guy’ in front of his little children.

While Shakira will arrive in Miami with Sasha and Milan, to live in her new and luxurious mansion in the North Bay Road Drive neighborhood, it has been reported that Gerard Piqué will also start a new life elsewhere. The athlete would move, together with Clara Chía, to Andorra, with the argument that the athlete has so many projects in Barcelona that it is unlikely that he will go abroad.

In fact, Clara Chía would have played a special role in the athlete’s new decision, as reported by the Catalan media outlet El, in which reported “The young woman [Clara Chía] wants the two [Shakira and Piqué] to fix things without getting hurt, and she would have been the one who has convinced the athlete to calm down and talk things over, facilitating the wishes of the mother of her children ”.

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