Drama as main and side chic clash at boyfriend’s place during b’day

Two women who are dating the same man got to know one another for the first time at the home of the same man they are dating during his birthday.

Evidently, the main girlfriend was unaware of his other relationships till they both paid him a visit at the same time and brought gifts.

As seen in the video presently circulating widely on the internet, the guy is seen taking the photo frame his main babe gave him apart with the side chic at his side.

The side chic was the first one to arrive at his home, so he had already unwrapped the gift she had brought for him. However, Sandra, the primary girlfriend, was unable to stay for very long after meeting the side chic and left dissatisfied.

Her lover called her name as she continued to exit the compound, while the side chic merely stood there silently.

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