Mohbad returns with new single, takes swipe at Naira Marley and Marlian Records

Nigerian street-hop sensation Mohbad is back with a new release after the events that unfolded between him and his former label Marlian Records.

Mohbad, Naira Marley

A diss track: Mohbad’s latest release is a head-on diss track where he aimed digs at Naira Marley and other Marlian records signees over what transpired between them.

In his new single, Mohbad revealed that they (Marlian Records) were after his life and even went as far as threatening him and his parents. This is an allegation he has previously made when he first came out with a cry for help over his issues with Marlian Records.

“Won ti se ojoro…won fe ma corner mi,” he says in the track and this translate to “they have cheated…they wanted to trick me”. He also went on to admit that he might not have much but he’s okay and happy.

Mohbad vs Marlian Records: Readers will recall that Pulse reported the disagreement between Mohbad and Marlian Records with Mohbad tweeting that he was physically assaulted at Marlian house over his desire to change his manager.

Naira Marley who owns the label will later come out to reveal that Mohbad was intoxicated during the events and his claims of physical assault were untrue. Mohbad would later come out and describe Naira’s statement as an attempt to hide the truth.

The diss track released by Mohbad is the latest development in the dispute between the parties and it follows his decision to work away from the label with his lawyers recently serving Naira Marley contract termination papers.

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