Injured in a plane crash in Lake Victoria narrates how the accident happened

A middle-aged man identified as Richard Komba, a survivor of the Precision aeroplane crash in Lake Victoria at Bukoba has narrated what happened before the accident that occurred on Sunday morning 6th November.

According to Mwananchi magazine, Richard was rescued and rushed to Kagera referral hospital for specialised treatment.

Reportedly, he told the media that they had left Dar es Salaam at around 12:15 pm heading to Bukoba.



At that time, the weather condition was good but upon reaching Mwanza it started raining heavily.


This forced the pilot not to land due to the adverse weather conditions.

The pilot then spoke to the passengers alerting them of the situation and told them that he will be forced to land in Mwanza if weather condition didn’t stabilise.


Unfortunately, the plane accidentally plunged into Lake Victoria and water started flowing into the plane affecting those passengers who sat in front.

Richard who was sitting at the back of the plane was lucky to survive after one of the staff opened the door so the passengers could come out.


The plane was expected to land at Bukoba airport but accidentally plunged into the lake which was located 100 meters away.


Out of 43 passengers who had boarded the plane, 26 were rescued while 19 lost their lives.

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