I Am Still Looking For A Husband. The Men I Like Don’t Like Me

Nollywood actress, Crowncy Anyanwu who is currently studying for her Masters Degree in United Kingdom has declared that no filmmaker and director can sexually harass her.

Crowncy Anyanwu also spoke about reason she has been rejecting suitors.According to the Imo State born Thespian, she is too sophisticated and well grounded in the movie industry to encounter such ugly offer.

“Who dares to ask me for sex in exchange for roles? (Laughs). I am way bigger than such silly offer. I don’t think anyone can tell me that as long as Nollywood is concerned. I have my company, so I call the shots. Asides being a skitmaker and actress, I am also an executive producer. Do you know what that means? It means, I decide which actor or director to use in my production. So, I have the overall power and in control of my productions,” she said.

Crowncy Anyanwu, a few weeks ago bought a multimillion naira house in Lagos which raised eyebrows.

She clears the air, insisting that no man or sugar daddy has a hand in her latest achievement.

“I’m grateful for the gift of life. This 2023 has not been easy but I thank God for everything.

By the grace of God, I have really achieved a lot this year. One of them is this Masters program that I am doing here in the United Kingdom. It has always been my dream to do my Masters abroad. Then I also bought a house, Almighty God made it possible. Many people were insinuating that acting can not generate enough funds to live my kind of Lifestyle. Well, sorry to say, but I don’t only act, I am also a skit maker. We all know skit making pays even more. No man is responsible for my lifestyle. I am still looking for a husband, I am yet to see one. Men are coming to me, but I don’t like them. The ones I like, don’t like me (Laughs). I am still rejecting suitors. If a suitor dose not have money , I don’t know what I will be doing with him (laugh

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