‘Some People Think I Don’t Know How to Dress Because I Wear Khaki All The time’ – Oshiomhole

The Presidential candidate of the All Progressive Congress, Bola Ahmed Tinubu met with the private chamber of commerce and industry. Asiwaju who met with the organised private sector leaders and he unveiled his 80 pages manifesto. The likes of Toni Elumelu, Aliko Dangote, and the Chairman of Arise Television were also in that occasion.



Adams Oshiomhole, the Director General of the Asiwaju campaign was spotted wearing a suit for probably the first time in a long time. In an interview with Arise Tv News, Reuben Abati teased him on how he ditched his usual Khaki going to today’s meeting. While defended his dressing style, he alleged that the occasion warranted him to dress in that manner. He also clarified that people who think he doesn’t know how to dress must have forgotten that he once worked in a textile industry. 

He said, ”We have to appreciate the fact that we are meeting with businessmen. I didn’t need to scare them with a combat uniform. So I was ordered that I have to look like the business people. And you will notice that both the Presidential candidate and the Vice Presidential candidate also decide to wear suit, to look business-like. You know even how you look can make a statement. My Khaki uniform implies that that I have to look simple and accessible to the ordinary man. I have struggled before I came to politics. Some people think I don’t know how to dress because I wear Khaki all the time. But they forget that I worked for the Textile industry.”


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