‘None of them other than Ter Stegen are captain material’: Barca fans launch captaincy debate amid Pique’s departure

'None of them other than Ter Stegen are captain material': Barca fans launch captaincy debate amid Pique's departure

Gerard Pique’s shock retirement has left the fans wondering who will get the captain’s armband. Following the veteran’s departure, Marc-Andre ter Stegen is expected to become the fourth Barcacaptain, alongside Busquets, Alba and Roberto.

But what if all of them, except for the German goalkeeper, leave next summer? Which new quartet of captains would you choose?

The Cules on Twitter voiced their opinion.

Hardik: “Since captain is selected on basis of seniority in barca, if all current 4 captains leave next season then next 4 will be ter stegen, dembele, de Jong and fati”.

“I swear no one from that list other than Stegen are captain material. Mats, Araujo, Pedri and Lewy must be the 4 captains starting next season” – Ankit replied.

Weguri interferes: “Why so you think Pedri is captain material and FDJ or even dembele aren’t? I agree with Mats , Araujo and Lewy being captain material And whether or not they are captain material doesn’t matter because it wasn’t like Busquets, roberto and Alba are any better at being captains”. Ankit again: “Pedri is clearly a captain material. Last season when we were down bad, you had to see Pedri. He was so fkin Vocal, his mentality is top notch”.

Adetunij: “Captain for next season after the departure of the legends should be 1: Stergen 2: Dembele 3: Frenkie D Jong 4: Araujo”

LilCasper: “Stegen should become first captain”.

Lio_Cyberia: “MATS should be second (or first). But cancerous Catalan tax heh?”

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