I Have Never Claimed To Be Poor, I Own Shares In Companies But I Don’t Need To Show Off – Peter Obi

Peter Gregory Obi, the Presidential candidate of the Labour Party during a thirty minutes interview withTrust TV, emphasized his lifestyle and why he doesn’t need to flaunt his wealth. He debunked the claims that he is living a frugal lifestyle.

He explained that he owns shares in different companies in Nigeria and they do pay him. He further disclosed that he had never tagged himself as a poor man and that even if he owns more than a pair of shoes or a watch, he must not wear them to show off. He made this statement after Senator Kashim Shettima said leadership goes beyond claiming to have two pairs of shoes and a single wristwatch.



In his words;

“I own shares in companies here in Nigeria but I don’t have to flaunt it around. Those companies pay me dividends and they give me my money. I have never claimed to be a poor man. I am a comfortable man anywhere on the surface of the globe. If you have one million dollars anywhere in the world, you’re a millionaire. I have that, so I am a millionaire anywhere in the world.”

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