“My Hubby Told Me To Search For Another Man To Be Sleeping With After He Failed To Satisfy Me In Bed,” Lady Narrates

Regina from Nyeri has revealed how her husband failed to satisfy her in bed due to Spiritual attacks he was facing without she was employed as a house help and while there she met her husband. They moved in together.



They were blessed with 2 children together. One day they visited the Inlaws and at night she heard a loud strange noise and her husband started screaming in pain. He said that someone was strangling him.

After going back to their home her husband started screaming at night complaining of people strangling him. whenever they became intimate her husband’s private Parts would fail to work. After two years of failing to satisfy her, he asked her to look for a man to satisfy her but remain his wife.

She is a born-again woman and all she could do was pray for her husband to recover. According to her she stayed informed for years without sleeping with her husband.

He later went to church where he disclosed he was having spiritual wives who were sleeping with him. He was prayed for and delivered and he is now back to his wife and said that things have changed.

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