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Stella Damasus

Nigerian actress, Stella Damasus has shared more insight about her failed marriage.

While advising ladies against rushing into marriage, Stella pointed out that she was also a victim of failed relationship.

The actress said she thought her partner was her soulmate but he ended up breaking up with her.

She said: “I’ve heard experiences with dreams and visions that I choose how I want to interpret it to suit what I want, to give me the answers that I want.

It has happened to me. I thought this person was my soulmate. He does the same thing that I do. We were both intelligent. Everything is falling into place, we are so similar we have the same kind of vision. We talk the same we do the same. Last last e don cast, everybody will still chop breakfast.”

“I’ve been there, I’ve made that same mistake and guess what, I suffered for it, Don’t do that.”Stella added.

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