Married Bank Manager Plans to Cheat on Husband With Colleague in Office, Their Leaked Chats Surface

Screenshots of WhatsApp chats supposedly between a female bank manager and a colleague got people talking

In the screenshots, the woman pestered the man, asking for a relationship even though they were both married

The woman bombarded the man with WhatsApp calls and chats, wanting to know why he had been avoiding her

A Twitter user, Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo, has shared screenshots of chats between a married bank manager and her colleague.

Despite the fact that both of them are married, the woman kept sending repeated messages to the man without resting.

Cheating in marriages/bank manager chased after her colleague.

I know you’re married, manager pesters male colleague

At the start of their WhatsApp chats, the man had to clearly state that he is married so there won’t be any assumptions along the way.

On that, the woman said:

“I know u re married now with kids. We are both mature to handle things maturely.”

At a point during their chat, the woman complained about the man avoiding her. She even added that the man came to her branch without saying hi. In her words:

“You started avoiding me since you know I’m a social media person…. I’m looking for a lover because I’m not a lover girl too.”

See the post below:

Netizens share mixed feelings

some of the reactions below:

“I guess nobody has ever rejected her ridiculous offer before , Reporting her with evidence will do the magic or declaring her transfer to far away north . No means No!”

“I know this is not a laughing matter but You were busy. No.”

“A philanderer like this woman won’t stop cos you said NO. She will eventually find a driver or gateman to cheat with. I really pity her husband cos he’s dead meat & he has no clue.”

“She has seen a huge account balance that’s why.”

“So? Contentment is key . Married means staying faithful to your spouse and leaving other men alone whether they are rich, wealthy , tall or short , handsome or speak eloquently.”

Woman sad on her wedding day

a video shared on Instagram showed the moment a bridestayed frowning at her wedding.

Her expression did not show she was happy with the marriage. As rings were being slipped into her finger, she kept looking away. The bride did not even want to face the camera.

That was not all, multiple rings were slipped on her fingers; an act that made people wonder what kind of marriage was going on.

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