Married Woman In Ghana Confesses That Her Two Kids Belong To The Driver



A Ghanaian woman has admitted to having an extramarital relationship with her family’s personal driver, who twice impregnated her.

Though her husband believes they are his, she revealed during an interview on TV3 Ghana that the driver is the father of her two children.

The wife chose to disclose the paternity fraud because she felt guilty about what she had done.

She claimed that despite having been married for six years, she and her husband had never been able to have children.

She made the decision to visit a doctor, who conducted a health checkup and informed her that she was in perfect health.

However, the woman’s husband simply refused to undergo any sort of medical examination, so she sought alternatives. She claimed to have built a friendship with her driver, who is “a nice man”. They started having consensual sex, and she took in for him.

The woman in distress claimed that after giving birth to her first child, she became pregnant again for the driver.

She admitted that while the driver is aware that the kids are his, her six-year-old husband is still unaware that he isn’t their biological father.

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