King Charles ‘feels betrayed’ by Meghan Markle’s interviews about the royal family

King Charles


King Charles III is said to be sad about the interviews Meghan Markle continues to do to discuss the royal family.


Royal expert Christopher Andersen sat down with Us Weekly on Thursday, October 27, to discuss the royal family, particularly their response to Meghan and Prince Harry, and their time in the spotlight.


While acknowledging that Meghan is “justifiably” sharing her story, Christopher admitted her interviews continue to cause problems for the royal family.


He also revealed the royal family are aware of the interviews.


“Oh, I think they pay attention,” he said.


He added that King Charles’ feelings are hurt by the interviews, particularly because he shared a bond with Meghan.


“I think — as far as Charles is concerned, specifically — you know, he feels betrayed,” the author said.


Christopher added: “If you remember [Harry and Meghan’s wedding], how Charles took [Meghan’s mother] to sign the guest book and [he] walked Meghan up the last half of the aisle.


“He really was very fond of  her and I think he’s, somewhat, bewildered.”


He added: “The Queen was used to handling this kind of thing, I don’t think it threw her as much as it has thrown Charles.


“[and] understandably so, it’s his son and daughter-in-law who has, kind of, said some pretty hurtful things.”

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