Primary 6 boy with fine handwriting like computer font causes a stir – See this video

A primary six boy has become an internet sensation following his beautiful handwriting.

This is after a TikToker shared a clip of the lad in a school uniform writing on a notebook with a pen and urging netizens to comment on it.

In the eyes of some persons, the lad’s handwriting can be impressively mistaken for a computer font.

There were many others who felt that they know someone whose handwriting is better than the lad’s.

National Handwriting Day is celebrated every 23rd of January since 1977.

Watch the video below:

Social media reactions

“He will become a doctor and all these writings will vanish.”

“My younger brother has same oooinfact two of den.”

“It’s nice but his dream job shouldn’t be a doctor coz ei.”

“The best ,,be like computer oooo.”

“Create a YouTube channel for you, put his hand writing there and let him have a video whilst he writes. Impressive.”

“Most people with nice handwriting are not good academically.”

”Very nice n neat.”

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