Nigerian lady moves out of husband’s house after seeing WhatsApp chats of her sister-in-law

A Nigerian woman ran for her dear life after she stumbled upon chats that ensued between her sister-in-law and a friend concerning her.

The sister-in-law had been living in the house with herself and her husband and things seemed to be okay between them, at least on the lady’s part.

The young wife was shocked to her bones after she found out that her sister-in-law had been harboring terrible thoughts about her.

Lady moves out of husband's house
lady moves out of husband’s house after she finds sister-in-law’s chats

In the chats, the sister-in-law expressed her dislike for her brother’s wife even if she talks and gists with her like they are pals. She revealed that she was plotting to have the lady thrown out of the house shamefully.

After reading the chat, the young lady got scared and packed out of her husband’s house. While sharing the chat via Twitter, @Eeh_star said,

“So dis woman who has been married for years said she has been talking and gisting with sister-in-law who lives wit dem until she saw dis chats in her fone. She don japa before them frame am. And they wer friends o.”

Netizens were stunned as they commented on the post.

@jimi_fashola said: “Isn’t this witchcraft?”

@kateGol42434596 wrote: Y ar people dis wicked?”

Wife Decided Not To Settle Fight Between Husband and ‘Sidechick’

Meanwhile, the . of a happy mother sharing her excitement after her husband and their little daughter got into a fight has gone viral as she referred to the little girl as his sidechick.

In a . shared on TikTok, the woman was happy to see that the little girl and her father were having issues and she said she had no plans of settling the matter.

She captured the father and daughter lying on a mat apart from each other after they got into an argument. According to the mother, she was happy about the fight and had no plans of bringing an end to it.

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