“Avoid marrying the breadwinner in any family” – Twitter user warns women

Twitter user sparks controversy as she warns women to avoid marrying men who are the breadwinners in their family.

According to the Twitter user identified as @elliewhipwrites, women shouldn’t tie the knot with men who are the providers for the family, especially if the family grew up in struggle.

In her words;

“Avoid marrying the family breadwinner bebz. Especially if the family grew up in struggle and he has pulled them out of it. Abort mission!!”

Tweeps took to her comment section to react to her advice:

@matiisetsonthil wrote:

“I am grateful I didn’t marry one, I think one of the saving grace for my 14 years going strong, above the fact that we do our finances separately. I have the freedom to help my family without imposing it in him and same as him.”

@KMKuro wrote:

“Hhmmm this is true. Marrying into a family that grew up in struggle is the pits.”

@Jordaniceici wrote:

“But you want a man to marry a woman that her family are struggling”

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