10 Weird Things A Woman Will Do Only When They Are Truly In Love With A Man


1. They will immediately start ignoring other guys

When a woman has fallen in love, she gives no room to other men. All the attention is directed towards one man and all the others will not even exist in their mind. Even if the woman had a crush on a guy in the office, that will suddenly fade and seem to be nothing.


2. They will disappear from all dating apps

This is one of the first things that a woman will start doing immediately they are in love with a man. The woman will not want to waste any more time on dating apps. When you’ve got a man already, all those men flexing on dating apps will suddenly mean nothing to the you. This is the time when most women delete dating apps from their phones.

3. They will do a lot of work out to look good and stay in shape for you

The best time a woman will get serious with workout is when they have found a man that they genuinely love. They will work on their eating habits and do lots of work out without even being forced to do it. They will be more than willing to go to the gym and even do long walks all because of a man. This is just and effort to try and look good and even feel confident about themselves. 

4. They will agree to go to dates that are even weird

If a woman is in love with a man, they will agree on any date and even the most weird of dates. Even visiting a cemetery will be an interesting idea as long as you are with the man that you love. The woman will agree to go to places she has never even wished to go just because the man is around. Being in love makes the woman more than willing to take risks and try new things and new experiences with the person they love. 

5. They will begin suggesting to you dating ideas


A woman that is in love with a man will always want to have new experiences with the man. Between those dates, the woman will suggest to the man the places they should visit and the things they should do together. The woman will have this fancy ideas of what an ideal date should be and even strive to introduce this ideas in your dates. This is always an effort to create more and better experiences with the man.

6. They will invite you to their home

This is a another thing a woman will do when she is in love. They will invite you in for a date. They will want to cook for the man without being interrupted and just being alone with the man is what they want. This is always an opportunity for the woman to get to know the man better.

7. They will want to eat from your plate

Women like to share food and especially to eat from a man’s plate. They will want to have that last bite of your dessert. They are willing to bite that last piece of your cookie. It’s always a sign that a woman not only trusts you but also believes in you.

8. They will start caring about the things that you care about

This is one of the first few things you will discover when you want to know that a woman is in love with a man. If you are a lover of sports, they will start developing interest for the game. Women that are in love are more than willing to learn about the interest of the man in a bid to keep up with him and know them better.

9. Always wear the best and be at their best whenever you’re supposed to meet

Some women will even go to the extent of wearing a new outfit anytime they are to meet you. They will always strive to be the best version of themselves in an effort to get your attention. Every date will be an opportunity to wear something new. They will always want some parts of their skin being seen especially on dates. This is a sign of a person that is in love.

10. They will tell others about you


A woman woman who is in love will not just be silent about it. Her closest allies will be the first to know it even if the man doesn’t know. The lady will often tell her closest friends. If you want to know whether a woman is in love with you, just ask the friends that are closest to her.

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