Awuzie Frankline, a married guy, has described how he rejected a stunning woman who exhibited an extraordinary interest in him.


He claimed that she frequently messages him at weird times and without having anything important to discuss.

She inquires about his well-being even more regularly than his wife, said Mr. Fankline.

The man claimed that when married men give such women a platform, the marriage ultimately ends in divorce.

He issued a warning that he would not consider any messages that did not relate to business transactions.

Awuzie went on to say that he had to block her because he didn’t want his house to become a stage for Yul Edochie’s memoir.

In his words: ”I just blocked a beautiful lady who was so direct on me . Always engaging me on messenger chat even when she has no business to present. Everyday , morning greeting, afternoon greeting, night greeting, Midnight greeting, she will ask if I have you eaten. Even my wife is not asking me that so frequently. And she is very beautiful and tempting.

That was creepy. Most marriages crashed because of women excesses . They throw themselves to you, if God fail to save the man , it’s another story. I don’t want a replica of Yul and Judy story in my family. Don’t chat me if you are not presenting a business( Both man And woman should stop ) . You can call it rude but I know my s*xual strength and I won’t give a chance to any iberiberism. I didn’t create Facebook for chat. If you need a chat mate , go to Tinder or Badoo.”