Putin Begins Teaching 4 Year Olds To Use AK47s, Grenade Launchers

Russian leader, Vladimir Putin’s determination to win the war against Ukraine has entered another level.

Now, he is taking four year olds tutorials on how to use AK-47s and grenade launchers.

Report by the mailonline talks about four and five-year olds at Russian kindergarten Schools being taught the art.

It refers to “shocking footage” showing an officer in combat fatigues demonstrating a Kalashnikov machine-gun and an anti-tank grenade launcher to kindergarten youngsters.

Pavel Firsov is the teacher, from a militaristic pro-Kremlin movement called Combat Brotherhood.

“Children at Kindergarten No. 31 in Korolev, near Moscow were taught the ‘qualities that distinguish a true defender of the Motherland’”, the report says, adding that “Firsov is a ‘veteran of military operations’ and regularly gives military lessons to older children”.

The Eagle reports that Russia, a global super power invaded Ukraine last February 24, 2022, as climax of a faceoff that had existed between the two countries since 2014.

Thousands have fled the country, houses and pubic infrastructure have been destroyed, and the global refugee situation worsened.

The grooming of kindergartens for combat shows the extent to which the war has reached, amidst reports of many soldiers deserting the Russian army.

The issue is generating divergent reactions, with one critical commenter asking in disbelief: ‘Did I understand correctly that a combatant brought a machine gun and a flamethrower to the kindergarten?’, the report added.

Another reportedly responded: ‘It is better that a combatant who wishes well for children brings a machine gun and a flamethrower to the kindergarten than a terrorist.’

Another commenter despaired: ‘In my school childhood, someone’s grandfather with noble grey hair came bedecked in medals and told us that war is scary, with pain and tears.

‘We were told how wonderful victory was and how to cherish world peace.

‘I don’t remember a word about weapons.

‘Now happy Russian children are being told how and what to use to kill bad people. Feel the difference.’

Another complained: ‘I’m shocked.

‘Why, why show this in the kindergarten? Degenerates!’

A parent at the nursery school expressed outrage.

‘We were not warned. We were only lucky that our child was not in the kindergarten on this day’, the report recalled

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