Riqui Puig was a factor in Shakira and Pique’s split

The former Barcelona midfielder played a role.

Riqui Puig was a factor in Shakira and Pique's split

Current LA Galaxy midfielder and former Barcelona teammate of Gerard Pique, Riqui Puig, is part of the reason why the defender split with his former partner Shakira.

It is very well documented that Pique was introduced to his current girlfriend, Clara Chia, by Puig and the Spanish youngster regularly accompanied Pique‘s nights out in Barcelona which led to the breakdown of the long-term relationship with Shakira.

Pique and Shakira are currently entwined in a bid for custody of their two children, Sasha and Milan, as well as the division of assets.

Puig‘s girlfriend was Gemma Iglesias and it turns out that she was a friend of Chia. She introduced Pique to Chia whilst on a night out.

Once Shakira confirmed her partner’s infidelity, through detectives, the singer proved that her partner had been having an affair since before June 4, when the separation was made official. In fact, there are visual testimonies of them together dating back to February.

Ruiq Puig’s part in the Pique-Shakira split

Puig had already been pointed out as Pique‘s partying partner. Journalist and paparazzi Jordi Martin revealed that together they designed a strategy to avoid the paparazzi when going to the bar ‘La traviesa’.

According to Jordi Martin and Univision’s El Gordo y la Flaca show, there was no accident about the introduction of Pique and Chia.

Pique has a best friend. Clara was dating the brother of that friend of Pique. Since they met, he had a crush on the girl. They exchanged phone numbers, at first they met secretly.

“Then he not only takes the girlfriend away from his best friend’s brother, but also fires him from Kosmos, and hires the girl.”

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