Men Will Soon Come Back To Look For A Wife But Women Are Smarter Now — Actress Iheme Nancy Says


Iheme Nancy is a Nigerian actress, producer, businesswoman, and content creator. In order to display her glittering beauty she recently shared new pictures of herself to her fans. Nancy enjoys flaunting her beauty on social media, and this time she was successful in doing so by showcasing her yellow top and black booty short. Her colleagues immediate reactions when they saw her post knew no bounds.


She used her new instagram post to also disclose that Men will soon return to look for a wife, but women are now smarter and won’t fall for the ploy. she captioned “I just came back to look for a wife go soon start, ……. Just know once you near me I will stone you… We’re smarter now”.




This time, she showed up with a stylish hairstyle and makeup that accentuated her beauty. She was also dressed nicely in a yellow top and a black booty short with sneakers, which gave her a stunning and current look as she took photos.


Her colleagues, including actress Luchy Donalds, Destiny Etiko and May Edochie, and other online users flocked to the post’s comment area to react.

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