“Shooting Her Shot”: Photos Emerge As Abuja Big Girl Proudly Asks Cute Man Out, Drops Phone Number on His Car

A queen and more decided to shoot her shot when she saw a very handsome man and his car in Abuja

Fidelis Ozuawala has shared how the strange lady dropped a phone number carefully written on ‘Suya paper’ on his car

He told Legit.ng that he could not find the lady thereafter even as the story has got many people talking on Facebook

Fidelis Ozuawala has shared a photo of the notewritten to him by a secret admirer who saw him in public.

According to Fidelis, the whole incident happened in Abuja when he parked his car and was out of the scene.

Photos of Fidelis Ozuawala and the note written to him by a young lady who begged him to call her.

The lady wrote her phone number on a paper that that looked like a ‘suya wrap’ and then dropped it on Fidelis’ car door.

She wrote before disappearing into thin air:

“Hi, my name is Lisa. I was at this poolside when I saw you. Kindly call me.”

Speaking in a short chat, Fidelis said the incident happened in the Gwarimpa area of the Federal Capital Territory.

He said:

“I was about to open the door, I touched the paper, opened it and saw it was a note from a lady that.

He wrote in an earlier Facebook post to share the funny story:

“Abuja girls shooting shots. I saw this on the driver’s side car handle as I tried getting back in my car. Ladies, embrace this scope, it’s not all that bad. Looks really fascinating and may be a nice memory to behold, that’s if you land a single guy though.”

Reactions from Facebook users

Charles Uchechi Nwaokonko said:

“Lol. They can only shoot this shot for a rich guy na.”

Queen Winnie commented:

“I love her boldness. Nothing wrong with what she did. She saw something she liked, she went for it.”

Little boy dances for a girl to woo her

Meanwhile, a little boy danced so nicely in front of girl so as to impress her.

They were both in their school uniform but the girl stood with smiles and watched as the boy danced his heart out.

It was not immediately clear if he was able to win the girl’s heart with his mesmerising dance moves.

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