“Nothing Can Change Me, I Will Continue To Razz” – Phyna To Critics Once More (Video)

In her most recent post, BBNaija season 7 champion Phyna addressed her critics and let them know that she would still be “razz” in the future.


Since she believes she is not the kind to let things slide, Phyna has had to deal with internet trolls on a regular basis since her victory.

This discovery was revealed after she tweeted that she is a winner with a difference as a rejoinder to those who always accuse her of “not knowing how to talk.”

Phyna said in a live broadcast that nothing can change who she is and that she will stay that way. She demonstrated to skeptics just how different a winner she is.

The Level-Up Queen continues by saying that she will never compromise her character in exchange for fame. She continues that her appearance and radiance are the only differences.

Watch the video below;


joy_onose wrote; You shouldn’t stop being yourself but then being razz isn’t something to be proud of

pamelaoweiphotography had this to say: She is not fighting herself dumbinos, people came for her on twitter today unprovoked hence the video, it was a long fun-filled live but sabiradio has put the part that will bring drags her way as usual and whatever Phyna said or says at anytime she is always right, she will never pretend to fit any of your made up images as to what a winner should be, y’all cut the BS.

ehis_pearl wrote; We love the razz ness 100% because u are real, and its made u this far,but don’t throw shade, bcos for what I see so far, no one is fighting phyna.Love and light.

melodycent1 commented; All her mate are making big moves low-key but she’s always on live making noise and attacking people wey no send her 🤣. Na winner be this one ooo 😂 … Other housemates are doing things she’s here making noise chai na wa 🤣🤣🤣

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