Jackie Chan urged by netizens to help his estranged daughter who was seen queuing up for free food at a soup kitchen

Martial arts and action film superstar, Jackie Chan, was urged by netizens to help his estranged daughter.

Etta Ng, 22, the estranged daughter and his ex-mistress, actress Elaine Ng seems to be going through some rough times.


Ng claimed in 2018 that she was “homeless” and was sleeping under a bridge in Hong Kong.

Netizens now reported that they saw her queueing for free food at a soup kitchen in Toronto, Canada, where Ng is currently living.

A photo was taken by a netizen who shared it online, where Ng was seen in a queue with mostly middle-aged or older women with a blue bag placed in front of her. The next day, netizens flooded Jackie Chan’s Weibo account, urging him to help his estranged daughter.

The actor is currently promoting his book I Am Jackie Chan on his social media account. Netizens said that they would lend a hand to his daughter, despite not knowing her personally.

They said they felt sorry for Ng, who was conceived after Chan and her mother started an affair in 1998. However, there were also netizens who asked why the 22-year-old could not work for money, as she is able-bodied. There is news that Ng is working at a restaurant in Chinatown.

While Ng’s photo circulated online, her half-brother, Jaycee Chan, whose mother is Lin Fengjiao, shared on Instagram a photo of him in a luxury car. It turns out to be his friend’s Rolls-Royce. The photo has been removed. Netizens compared the opposite situations between Chan’s children.

They urge Chan to take notice of his daughter and help her out. However, the relationship between Ng and her parents is strained. South China Morning Post reported that Ng “never wished to see her father” and that they are strangers. It is also reported that the martial arts star does not support Ng or her mother financially.

Ng is also not close to her mother. She was spotted wearing a blue jacket and long pants with her signature short hair while queuing for free food. Ng married Canadian influencer Andi Autumn and relocated to Canada.

Ng considered Jackie a stranger as he is not involved in her life, as reported in a 2015 interview.

Chan is married to Taiwanese actress Joan Lin.


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