” No Man No Vibe ” Ladies Spotted In The Club Infront Of Empty Tables

After people learned what was going on, pictures of women in a club appeared on social media and got people talking in the comments.

The only people hanging around in any of the clubs in these four pictures are ladies. They don’t have any food or beer on their tables, and everyone appears to be bored.

People began to assume that if there is no man, there is no vibe because they reasoned that it was only a matter of time before a man showed up and filled the tables.

An individual by the user name of ” Man’s NOT Barry Roux @AdvoBarryRoux ” felt the need to share this sight with the people on social media.

On the 14th of October 2022 around 7:55 PM , and captioned it ” Yeah neh “

Grabbing the attention of the masses at once and so far managed to obtain a seazable amount of 16 retweets , 2 Qoute tweets and 127 likes.











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