Check out what Libyans Enjoyed while Gardaffi was Their Leader

Libya is a northern African country with a total land mass of 700,000 square miles and shares its borders with Egypt, Sudan, Chad, Algeria, Tunisia, and Niger.



The nation has been in turmoil since 2011 as a result of the passing of Muammar Gaddafi, its 42-year leader, who died as a result of the Arab Spring.

Here are things Libyans Enjoyed while Gardaffi was their Leader:

1. No Debt:

Libya is blessed with an abundance of natural resources, which were utilized to the fullest extent under the Gaddafi government. They had no outstanding external debt but had over $160 billion in reserves.

2. Healthcare and Education:

The popular proverb that health is wealth and knowledge is the key.

Gaddafi made sure that everybody who is a citizen of Libya had access to free healthcare and education at any time.

3. The cost of gasoline;

Gaddafi made sure he utilized the nation’s natural resources and ensured that it was evident. Given that Libya’s primary natural resource is petroleum, it is only natural that the country’s prices would be low. This was definitely the case. Gasoline was sold at $0.14 per litre, this made Libya third among nations with the lowest price of gasoline.

4. A newlywed Grants

Every newlywed couple in Libya received a payment of $50,000 to help them start their new lives together as a family. Although the procedure may have seemed onerous at the time, it was available to all Libyan citizens.


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