I will miss you: See cute break up letter Man sent to his Girlfriend

A Nigerian man broke up with his girlfriend, Pamilerin, of two years by delivering to her a fine handwritten letter.

In the letter, he described their two-year relationship as an amazing one, but expressed sadness that he can’t continue anymore.

He revealed that a lady named Omobolanle is actually pregnant for him.

“The truth remains that as much as I care about you, whatever you think about me and Omobolanle is actually true and she is carrying my baby,” the second paragraph of the letter shared on Tell It All Facebookgroup reads.

He went on to wish her well in her future relationship and stated that he will always have her at heart.

Social media reactions

Priscillia Ere Johnson said:

“What ? Did i read “i will always have you at heart and i will miss you”. Having her at heart and miss her as what? Confuse man. Such man is the type that would start disturbing his ex after marriage and be giving his wife emotional headache.”

Seyifunmi Johnson said:

“Like she has been suspecting all along n d guy would av been probably telling her it’s her imagination going wild…. Well let no female bestie my boyfriend Sha oo,make dem no knack magun… Relationship of 2yrs?…. Issokay.”

Mc Gbishan said:

“Omo, so one cannot break up in peace again. Chai, what about me that they did not tell me before they broke up with me. She left me and I was dating myself.

“At least bros still say the truth.

“Make una calm down okay. This breakfast go still go round.”

Amaka White Ojinnaka said:

“He even added I’d miss you at the end . Oh well I guess the lady should move . Don’t even respond to it. Not worth the stress.”

Ajayi Toyin Seun Adeyemi said:

“But he should have sent this letter before even getting serious with Omobolanle let alone getting her pregnant.

“There is God o!

“It is well with you Pamilerin.”

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