ASUU calls off its eight-month strike Conditionally

The strike that the Academic Staff Union of Universities (ASUU) has been on since February 14, 2022, has finally been called off.


After lengthy discussions with the administration and the House of Representatives, ASUU called off the strike.

The decision to call off the strike, according to information obtained by The Guardian, was made at the conclusion of an ASUU National Executive Council meeting held at the union’s HQ in Abuja.

It has indeed been cancelled, a dependable source told The Guardian.

ASUU President Prof. Emmanuel Osodeke has stated that the union might end its strike in a few days following consultations with the government.

“We will put a stop to this strike in a few days. So that every Nigerian can be proud that we have the universities we can be proud of, let us put a beautiful conclusion to this thing we have begun by working together and with the members of the House of Representatives, Osodeke stated.

“We also thank the President for becoming involved in the ASUU strike. And I want to make a plea that going forward, we shouldn’t let the strike go on. If the National Assembly intervenes in this manner, the strike should not go more than two days.

“We wouldn’t have been on the strike for more than two or three weeks if we had done it a long time ago or if those in charge of Labor and Education had done exactly this.” The United States and the United Kingdom are both on strike, but they are prevented from continuing. Again, thank you very much. We hope that working together, we can put an end to this specific controversy in the Nigerian school system in the coming days.

The formal circular for the restart of academic activity at universities is anticipated to be issued by the president of ASUU to its member institutions.

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