Nigerian Musician, Burna Boy Spotted In Dj Khalid’s House

Seems Nigerian musician, Burna Boy, and American music producer, Dj Khalid are about to drop a song together. Burna boy was spotted in his house and studio.



Videos and photos shared by Dj Khalid on his official Instagram page show the musician recording and vibing to the music. The sound of the song he recorded was turned off by Dj Khalid. He did that to keep the song private until the release day.



Burna Boy also ate at Dj Khalid’s house. Another video shows when the lobster Dj Khalid had his cook prepared for them was brought to him. He shared the giant lobster with all the people seated at the dining table including Burna Boy who sat close to him.



Dj Khalid is widely known for making Hip Hop music. He hardly sings, but he does introduce himself or just produces the music and had the musicians he features in the music take all the verses and chorus in the music.

Burna Boy is widely known for his Afrobeat style. Afrobeats mixed with Hip Hop won’t be that bad because Burna can also vibe to Hip Hop.


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