Native doctor sits under heavy rainfall in frustration after failing to hold rain at event (Video)

A traditional rainmaker has left guests disappointed after he failed to hold the rain for an event to go on as expected.

In a video making the rounds online, the native doctor could be seen sitting on the floor looking frustrated as heavy rain fell on him.

But guests at the event were seated under canopies looking on as the traditionalist looked defeated.

Social media users who reacted to the clip noted that no power can be compared to that of the Most High.

Watch the video below:

stanl_eypoundz; God na he mate Abi he nor well

love_is_a_brand; I always wondered if that thing works for real … abi na luck 😂😂

hazemann9999; The Gods don japa

wwwbangin; You dey WHINE God

odion_edegbe; He think say na mama put kpomo 350 🤦🏾‍♂️

wirblo; God na ur mate

bellicious_queen; His charm failed on this one😂😂😂

zik0ra; All power belongs to God! The creator of the universe

Meanwhile another native doctor recently amazed netizens with his traditional means of printing real cash without the use of machine or any technological device.

He showed a white paper which had N1,000 written on it and turned the paper into real 1,000 Naira cash.

In a video making the rounds online, he set the paper on fire, put it in his mouth and began some fetish acts.

The herbalist displayed his open hands to a camera to prove that he was not holding any money.

He then dipped his hand into a basin of water and recited some incantations for a few seconds after which he brought a real N1000 note.

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