Kim Kardashian paying for extra security at kids’ school after Kanye West leaked school details online

Kim Kardashian paying for extra security at kids

Kim Kardashian has reportedly hired extra security for her four children after her ex-husband Kanye West shared details about their kids’ school online.


The mum-of-four is having to pay for heightened security because Kanye shared the name of their kids’ school on social media in the midst of his online rants.

Kanye has been on social media, trying to get his 4 kids to enroll at his Donda Academy.

To frustrate Kim, he’s been sharing the name of the school where the kids are currently enrolled, and that means everyone now knows exactly where the school is located.


The school Kim and Kanye’s children attend recently hired additional security as an extra precaution and Kim is footing the bill, TMZ reports.


The increased security presence isn’t because Kanye himself poses a threat, but there’s concern someone could see his messages about the school and show up at the school, posing a risk to students.


Kim has resisted Kanye’s attempts to force her to enroll their kids at his Donda. Kim’s main reason for refusing is that it’s not an accredited school.


A recent Rolling Stone story said Donda Academy offers, “Parkour classes, a cone of silence, and a principal with no apparent formal teaching

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