Man dumps girlfriend days after he told her she means the world to him

A pretty lady has been left with a broken heart by her boyfriend who dumped her few days after professing his undying love.

The young woman known as @maxygem on Twitter shared the screenshot of the message she received on October 7.

He sent a message to her via WhatsApp and requested for them to have a break, saying he can no longer continue with the relationship.

Meanwhile, on 26th September, he had described her as his heartbeat and the air that he breaths.

He stated that he would rather spend a lifetime with her than to face all the ages of this world alone.

Fast-forward to November and he made a U-turn and said he does not think they are meant for each other.

Sharing the screenshot, she tweeted; ”Woke up to this on WhatsApp, men will shame you 🥹”

Read the love chat below:


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