‘I Never in a Million Years Thought I’d End Up Like This’: Ailing Mike Tyson, Who Couldn’t Walk for a Month, Provides Update on His Debilitating Illness

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson was spotted in a frail state at the Miami airport last month. The boxing legend was seen needing the support of a wheelchair as he took pictures with fans. This arose questions about ‘Iron Mike’s health as people became concerned. It was later revealed that Tyson had a sciatica flare-up in his lower back, which caused him to take the support of a wheelchair.

Moreover, Tyson even gave an update on his health status on an episode of his podcast, Hotboxin. He revealed that he lost function in his leg, which left him unable to walk for a couple of weeks. “I just lost mass, and it’s about the way it was mass. I don’t know what happened. I hurt my leg and I couldn’t walk for a couple of weeks, maybe a month or so. And I lost the power of my leg.” he said.

He then added that he never imagined that sciatica would end up leaving him handicapped even though he slowly recovered from it. “I built it back up. I never in a million years thought I’d end up like this, with a cane. It hurts my leg,” he added.

This health problem seemingly came as a surprise for Tyson who wasn’t prepared for it. In an interview with News Max, ‘Iron Mike’ revealed that this problem also left him unable to talk and made it difficult to breathe. “I have sciatica every now and then, it flares up. When it flares up, I can’t even talk.” he said. However, despite his recent health struggles, Tyson has recovered very well, as he recently uploaded a video of him back in the gym.

Mike Tyson puts health concerns to rest in his latest video

Tyson put all his health concerns to rest after he uploaded a training video on his Instagram account. In the video, ‘Iron Mike’ can be seen working the pads with his trainer Rafael Cordeiro. Even at the age of 56 and despite experiencing health problems, Tyson trained with speed and intensity similar to his boxing days.

He bobbed and weaved like a boxer in his prime as he delivered blow after blow. Moreover, the video was aptly captioned. “Roll with the punches’ as he was doing exactly that.

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