“I Saw You Die in Accident”: Little Girl Stops Her Mother from Driving a Car, Cries Bitterly in Video

A mother has shared videos of her little daughter stopping her from controlling the wheels of a car.

In a video, the little girl was spotted crying bitterly as her mother got into the driver’s seat and attempted to drive.

Little girl stops mum from driving, die in accident, scary video

When asked why she didn’t want her mother to drive, the little girl said she saw her mother get into an accident.

Attempts to make the little give up fell on deaf ears as she stood her ground and insisted that her mother leaves the front seat.

“My daughter said I died in a car accident so I should not drive”, the mother said while sharing the video.

Massive reactions as little girl insists her mother shouldn’t drive

@bizaflame said:

“Just listen to her she’s scared stop asking why. Chill and pray with her and calm her down asking why isn’t helping.”

@codaraine stated:

“Listen to her my baby said someone in my family was gonna die and the next hour my uncle passed away.”

@trineragnhildvuolab stated:

“I think I wouldn’t drive, I would be so scared did she has a dream like this or can be past life memories? the poor baby is really scared.”

@underratedals reacted:

“My sister was bawling her eyes out because she didn’t want our dad to leave. Later that night he died.”

@ericaedo0 reacted:

“My brother had the same dream about our dad we prayed over him and the next day a car bumped him gently ik if we hadn’t prayed it would have been worse.”

@astheticmelons commented:

“I live in a Christian home and my mum says that it is biblical for old man to dream dreams and young man to see visions so she could have seen one.”

@sxckbxtch19 wrote:

“Sometimes people can know stuff before it happens pls be careful same thing happened with my older sister she didn’t want someone to do something or.”

@calistor3 added:

“Don’t do it. My mum said I did the same thing when I was a kid she ignored and we had an accident. I still have the marks till this day.”

Watch the video below:

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