Corp member bids farewell to old man whose photo he sold as NFT for over N1m

A young Nigerian man identified as Adisa Olashile, who went viral months ago after he minted NFT photos of an old drummer, and sold them for N1m, has completed his National Youth Service Programme.

It may be recalled that the in April, the corp member had shared photos of an old drummer ‘Baba Onilu’ who goes around to entertaining people with his drumming skills.

Olashile, who was serving in Oyo state, said the aged drummer always visits the Secretariat where he and other corps members meet for their Community Development Service (CDS).

He wrote; ”I always meet this man at the secretariat where we have our Cds , so I decided to make him smile more with my camera . I hope you all see the emotions in his smiles.”

On April 2, Adisa provided an update on how he was able to monetize the wonderful photos by minting them as Non-Fungible Tokens (NFT) and selling them for 0.3 Ethereum (Eth) apiece on OpenSea.

Given that the photographer was able to sell two for 0.3 Eth, the price would be $2,098.32 (N1,225,418.88).

The photographer then gave the elderly gentleman 50% of the money in fulfilment of a promise.

Sharing the photos on Twitter, he wrote; ”Minted baba’s pictures as nft and got them sold immediately. Inshallahu 50% is going to him. Ramadan Kareem 🌙”

The young corps member also opened a bank account for the man to ensure the safety of the money.

He then got new mobile phone for the drummer and presented him a big photo frame.

In a recent post, Adisa revealed that he has passed out, adding that he does not know what the future holds.

He snapped some farewell pictures with the drummer, which he posted on his Twitter page and wrote;

”I really don’t know the next thing after this but I’m super grateful that I’m finally done 🇳🇬❤️”

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