2023: ‘I have Nigeria’s solution, many people wasting their time’ – Fr. Mbaka

Enugu fiery priest, Rev. Fr. Ejike Mbaka was on it again during the re-opening of the Adoration Ministry on Sunday.

In a video obtained by DAILY POST, the priest, shortly before his transfer was announced, could be heard reeling out prophecies concerning Nigeria.

Mbaka has now been transferred to a monastery, with another priest, Rev. Fr. Anthony Amadi appointed as the new chaplain of the Adoration Ministry.

While celebrating a mass shortly before announcing his replacement, Fr. Mbaka said some people were just wasting their time with regards to the 2023 presidential election.

He however, said God told him not to reveal the details of the prophecy.

According to him, “Anyone seeing vision, God revealed something to the person; everybody does not see vision; it is given to some people.

“Early this morning today, as I was asking God about the Adoration Ministry and myself, the Holy Spirit led me into the temple; I was asking the Holy Spirit, can you give me a vision; instead of giving me a vision for the ministry, he gave me a vision for Nigeria.

“It will interest you to understand that there are public visions and there are private visions; there are some visions that should not be disclosed publicly.

“God opened the country Nigeria to me like a film; concerning this election you are killing yourself for, but he told me it is a personal one; ‘don’t disclose it now’.

“I am serving a Holy Spirit that reveals the future; they can’t stop it; even myself cannot stop it.

“I am not quarreling with anyone; Mbaka is not in dispute with anyone; it is if you want to misunderstand Mbaka, you have a problem, I only say what is revealed to me.

“There is none that God revealed to me that never came to pass, all of them came to pass 100 percent.

“This vision is an appointed time; it is not for me to come and speak here. If God has not constrained me, I will just give Nigerians a simple solution, because it is like many people are wasting their time.

“Since God told me not to say it, I won’t, because all these while I was like John in the land of Patmos. We have stayed away over three months, but God has been making a name unto himself.

“It must surely come to pass; but if it tarries, wait for it, for it must surely come to pass.”

Meanwhile, the announcement of Fr. Amadi as Mbaka’s successor was resisted by Mbaka’s followers, populrly called adorers, as they surged forward to lynch the transfered priest.

A source, who witnessed the riotous scene, said Amadi escaped death by the whiskers.

Mbaka is known for controversial prophecies, including the one that brought President Muhammadu Buhari to power in 2015. He described then President Goodluck Jonathan as bad luck and Buhari as the Messiah to save the country.

He also prophesied that Senator Hope Uzodinma will be brought in as Imo State Governor by the Supreme Court. The judgement was eventually delivered in Uzodinma’s favour few days after.

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