England No Easy At All: Nigerian Family Gets Stranded After Relocating To UK [VIDEO]

A young Nigerian family has taken to TikTok to share their story of how they became homeless in the UK after they relocated.

It was the case that they did not have money to rent one, getting an apartment was just so hard. According to the woman of the house, they have enough to pay for six months straight.

She warned people coming in from their countries to keep the issue in mind. On getting to the UK, they had to spend days in a public shelter.

The woman revealed that they kept signing many papers as if they were buying a house. After weeks of homeless, a video showed the moment they eventually got a small rented apartment and moved in.

Watch the first video below:

Below is the second video:

Some Reactions below:

“People are pouring into the UK from all over and houses can’t be built at the same rate to accommodate everyone. It’s gonna get worse.”

“England no easy at all oooo.”

“Only 2 weeks , Chei that’s fast ooo. You are soooo lucky. Accommodation that takes a lot of people take 3-6mons to get, thank God that was fast.”

“The future is bright my dear. God will make ways. Take care of you and yours.”

“bless you, I’ve done these for all my siblings, when they relocated, I can image doing this without anyone. soon all these will be history.”

“UK will humble you.”

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