Man devastated after buying Apple MacBook only to discover it’s a packaged tile (Video)

Man in pains after buying an Apple MacBook only for him to discover that it is a floor tile.

The heartbroken customer took to social media to share a video which captured him unboxing the phony MacBook PC.

Even more shocking was the fact that the tile which was packaged to look like an apple laptop also came with the usual manuals and accessories.

The devastated man wrote;

“This is how a scammer got me. I thought it was a MacBook all I got was a tile.”

Watch the video below:


In reaction, ejecksthafirst wrote; “Update the iOS first 😂”

hushmix wrote: “Make Ikeja pipo no see this one o”

6ixteen___16 wrote; “😂😂😂 make I laugh small abeg 😂😂😂😂”

_page004 wrote; “Order the remaining pieces 😂”

spyc_kingsize wrote; “Buy like 100 piece e go make sense for living room 😂😂😂”

harry_of_asaba wrote; “Is that a tiles ,,like an Apple tile 😂”


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