I Married At 19, Had My First Child At 20, Second Child At 21, Became A Widow At 23— Lady Says

According to Linda Ikeji’s blog, a widow who lost her hubby at the age of 23 has released a video documenting the abuse she endured at the hands of his relatives.


After her husband’s passing, the mother of a boy and a girl released a video of herself being shaved with a blade by other ladies in the neighborhood.

She added in the comment that she had lost everything to her husband’s relatives, leaving her to take care of the kids by herself.

She penned: “I married at 19, had my first child at 20, second child at 21, became a widow at 23. They collected everything from me. The worst part is they don’t ask of the kids.”


Immediately Linda Ikeji’s blog shared the video Nigerians who saw it quickly took to the comments section to express their thoughts let’s read three comments of three various people, based on people’s Facebook comments;

1. Women tend to shave their hair when their husband die, it is not maltreatment as u guys look at it..I know of a woman she is very rich, even richer than her husband, but she shave her hair when her husband die…..it is the Igbo tradition….what I’m against it taken everything that it meant to train the children for selfish interest.

2. Women take note very well, don’t be blinded by love! Make sure you know the tradition of the man you’re about to marry.. this is very sad.

3. The worst experience I will never wish my enemy but is well.




Video link is shown below;



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